Currently we are able to provide:

- CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulations for flow and heat transfer systems, such as electronics cooling solutions and heat recovery systems, and/or design validation using CFD.

- FEA (Finite Element Analysis) of mechanical and thermal stress on components, parts or structures, and/or design validation using FEA.

- Dynamic simulations for control system design, analysis and generating programs for embedded systems.

- Customized engineering design, prototyping, testing and manufacturing, including advanced heat pipe solutions and heat exchangers.

- Project management with customers.

- Business trainings including management, leadership, motivation, teamwork and sales strategies, especially for a corporate conference or team rally.

- Business development between Europe and China, including initiative, proposals, planning, management, testing, quality control, marketing/ distribution/ sales, customer services, and financial advices.

- Funding applications and development for research projects in collaboration with academic and industrial organizations.


For your outsourcing projects, just contact us, and we are delighted to discuss with you free of charge prior to offering a competitive quote outlining the details of the work.

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